Open Access Week 2015 (10/19-25)


October 19-25 is Open Access Week!

What is open access, you ask? Open Access (OA) is a model of publishing that encourages scholars to make their scholarly works available in a digital and free (to the reader) format to increase accessibility of research, especially research that has been funded with federal money. Open Access Week is an annual, international event in which students, faculty, and researchers share and learn about the need for open access resources and ways in which they can contribute to the movement. This year’s theme is “Open for Collaboration.”

Do you want to learn more about Open Access? Check out the video below or visit the open access research guide.

Open Access at the GRU Libraries

Close to 2,500 scholarly works by GRU faculty and students are open access via the institution’s repository, Scholarly Commons. The repository has over 140,000 total downloads from countries around the world, including Germany, Ukraine, China, and India.* View the table below to see the top downloaded items available in Scholarly Commons.

Top File Downloads
Item Downloads
The Beeper [2005 Vol. 15, No. 10] 4148
The Beeper [2004 Vol. 14, No. 17] 4120
Manual Physical Therapy for a Patient Following Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) 2776
1992 Commencement Program 2457
1993 Commencement Program 2431

*Statistics recorded 10/14/2015