Searching for the Zika Virus in PubMed

2016-02-01 08_41_29-Zika [tiab] - PubMed - NCBI

With the recent influx of news stories and information on the Zika virus, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) has added two new search terms to 2016 MeSH Browser in PubMed:

The NLM is currently reviewing past records for the possibility of adding these search terms to articles. Until those reviews are complete, the NLM recommends using this search strategy in PubMed:

Zika [tiab]

According to Sara Tybaert, Head of the MEDLARS Management Section in NLM’s Bibliographic Services Division, “using the [tiab] search tag finds citations that have already been indexed with MeSH or are still in process. The tag restricts retrieval to the article title, abstract, or author keyword fields and prevents false drops from other fields such as author name.”

For more information, visit these additional resources:

Source: Tybaert, S. (2016). New MeSH headings: Zika virus infection and Zika virus. Retreived from