Publishers to Require ORCID Identifiers for Authors


On January 8 2016, Laure Haak, Executive Director of ORCID, announced that eight publishers plan to require ORCID iDs for authors publishing in their journals. These publishers include eLife, PLOSThe Royal SocietyAGU, EMBO, Hindawi, IEEE, and Science. This announcement was followed by an open letter published on ORCID’s website at An additional seven publishers have signed the open letter and plan to integrate ORCID into their manuscript submission systems.

In order to establish best practices, ORCID has established a set of guidelines for publishers to follow:

  1. Require. ORCID iDs are required for corresponding authors of published papers, with the understanding that ORCID iD collection should be enabled as an option for all authors and should ideally take place at submission.

  2. Collect. The collection of ORCID iDs is done via the ORCID API (authenticated ORCID iDs), meaning that authors are not asked to type in or search for their iD.

  3. Auto-update. Publisher Crossref DOI metadata is updated to include ORCID iDs for authors, so that Crossref Auto-update can be implemented. The ORCID iD DOI metadata includes the attribute indicating whether the iD was collected using the API (authenticated).

  4. Publish. Author/co-author ORCID iDs are embedded into article metadata, at least in online versions, and ideally in print versions of the publication.  At a minimum the ORCID iD logo should be displayed next to the name of each author who has connected their iD; in online versions and metadata, the author name should be hyperlinked to the appropriate ORCID iD directly or via a landing page.

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