Research Services at the University Libraries

Are you a researcher wondering what library services are available to support your research project?


The University Libraries have created a Research Services Guide outlining services and resources available to support researchers throughout the research cycle. In addition to assisting researchers in finding relevant, trustworthy health information for educational purposes, research projects, and patient care, librarians also provide research support in the following areas:

Databases and Resources

– Databases
– Research protocols
– Clinical trial resources
Publication Assistance
– Authorship guidelines
– Where to publish
– Copyright transfer agreements
Data Management
– Funder requirements
– Parts of a DMP
– DMP review
Research Impact

– H-Index & Altmetrics
– Journal Citation Reports
– Pure Researcher Profiles
Federal Public Access

– Funder policies
– How to get assistance
– Tips and tricks
Scholarly Commons

– What is Scholarly Commons?
– How to submit your works
– Reasons to submit your works
Librarian Assistance

– Embedded Librarians
– Grant partnerships
– Research consultation
Systematic Reviews

– Definition of systematic review
– Standards and resources
– Librarian role and partnership

The research guide can be accessed at

For assistance, contact Kathy Davies, Associate Director of Research, at or Kim Mears, Scholarly Communications Librarian, at   

Image source: Cameron Neylon, (CC BY 2.0)