April is Poetry Month!

Some say “April is the cruelest month,”
Others sing of “April Rain”
April, at Reese, means Spring Break and Masters,
And celebrating poetry once again.

Yes, April is National Poetry Month and
To mark this event eternal,
Poetry ‘s been published for more than 100 years;
This month it’s our featured journal.

Writers like Collins, Wordsworth, and Jarrell
Have, at one time, graced Poetry’s pages;
Their imagery, meter, rhythm, and rhyme
Will be remembered throughout the ages.

Poetry can be found on the Reese Library site
Through the “E-Journals By Title” link
You’ll find poems that will take you off to “A Dream”
And poems that will make you think.

For more information about Poetry,
Or any journals that Reese provides,
Ask your favorite librarian
Who, “In a Library” resides.


Poetry Dec 1970Poetry is currently available online through Reese Library. For more information about this journal or any other in our collection, contact Melissa Johnson, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian, at mjohns69@gru.edu or 706-667-4907.