Careers in Art: Medical Illustration Exhibit at Greenblatt Library

Currently on display at the Robert B. Greenblatt, MD Library is an exhibit by second year art students of T.W. Josey High School. Since the lesson study was careers in art, their instructor, Audrey Crosby, thought it would be both enlightening and engaging for these students to see the relevance of medical illustration as a viable profession. The students live near the Health Sciences Campus and the lesson made a personal tie to their community.

Ms. Crosby’s lesson plan included an informative dialog about the areas of study a medical illustrator might concentrate in at the university level. The students also viewed a video of a medical illustrator at work.  While professional medical illustrators utilize graphic design software, the initial concepts are developed manually through detail drawings.

Students were given the task of researching various parts of the human anatomy, as well as micro-organisms that may be found in the body. They were then instructed to complete a rendering of the organ of choice using various art media. Due to limited technological resources, all of the works of art were hand drawn and colored by students.

Please come view the artwork of the T.W. Josey High School art students at the Greenblatt Library. Perhaps one day they will be GRU students in our Medical Illustration Program.CareersInArt