Navigating the eJournal Navigator

The eJournal Navigator is one of the many ways in which to locate and access journal articles from Greenblatt Library. Many researchers, faculty, clinicians and students are familiar with research databases such as Medline Plus or evidence based diagnostic tools such as UpToDate which retrieve articles and information from indexed collections. In some situations, however, the eJournal Navigator provides a more direct means of accessing journals and specific articles.

Some of these situations include:

  • Locating a specific citation and know the journal and issue were it is located
  • Finding information about a journal such as ranking, impact factor and titles it was previously published under (use the “Check Impact Factor” link)
  • Looking for journal titles not indexed through GALILEO or other library databases
  • Finding the publication years that are available in the library collection for a particular title
  • Locating titles from a particular publisher (e.g. American Medical Association)
  • Locating journals that are outside the scope of Greenblatt Library’s medicine and health sciences collection (e.g. business, law, humanities, social sciences, etc.)

The eJournal Navigator can be located on the Greenblatt Library homepage under the Resources and Quick Links menus.


It features three tabs:

“Search Title” allows you to search for all or part of the journal title or browse titles alphabetically. You can search for titles that start with a specific word or phrase, contain that word or phrase, or exact matches.

“Browse Subjects” allows you to locate titles in specific subject areas.

“Publishers” allows you to search by title, ISSN, vendor (includes vendors, publishers, associations and categories of journal), subject or any combination of the four.

When conducting a new search under the “Publishers” tab, be sure to select “clear” in order to remove any prior search terms.

Further assistance with the eJournal Navigator can be obtained during normal library hours at 706-721-3441 or via email at

Please visit the “What’s New?” blog on the Greenblatt Library homepage for updates on changes or additions to the collection and to read the monthly resource highlights throughout 2014.

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