Navigating the eBook Navigator

EBooks or electronic books are becoming an increasingly important part of a library’s collection. This is especially true in health sciences fields where new discoveries and techniques occur quickly and accessing the most recent publications is essential. The Greenblatt Library strives to make up-to-date research and literature available through a combination of different formats, including our eBook collection.

Learning to effectively navigate this collection is important when locating the most current and applicable information in your field or area of study. You can find the eBook Navigator listed under the Resources menu on the Greenblatt Library website and in the Quick Links bar on the left hand side.

There are several ways in which you can locate eBooks. The first thing you will notice is the basic search bar. This allows you to enter keywords or phrases to quickly find material related to your topic. You can search within the title and/or subject or the author fields. You can also search for a keyword anywhere within the catalog record. Note that searching for a keyword anywhere will return the greatest number of results but also the least targeted results.  The advanced search option will allow you to easily combine search terms and search different fields simultaneously. This will yield the most focused results, but may be too specific for topics that are already fairly narrow.


In addition to the basic and advanced searches, you can also search titles alphabetically or browse by subject.  Subjects include broad health topics such as anatomy, nutrition, and nursing. All texts that deal with that topic – overall or within a chapter or section – will appear in the results list.

The last option for browsing eBooks is the eBook Collections menu. Below this is an online form for suggesting eBooks for purchase by Greenblatt Library.

Once you have located the eBook in the library catalog, simply scroll to the bottom of the record and click on the hyperlink next to the “Linked Resources” heading (in most cases this will say “Available Online”) to view the content online. The layout and organization may vary from publisher to publisher. Most of the eBooks allow navigation by chapter and section and some allow keyword searching within the book.


Further assistance with eBooks or any other topic can be obtained during normal library hours at 706-721-3441 or by emailing

Please visit the “What’s New?” blog on the Greenblatt Library homepage for updates on changes or additions to the collection and read the monthly resource highlights throughout 2014.