Head of GRU-UGA Medical Partnership Library Wins Award

sgea-dataJulie K. Gaines, Head of the GRU-UGA Medical Partnership Library, and colleagues from the GRU-UGA Medical Partnership, the University of Central Florida, and the Association of American Medical Colleges, won the 2014 Outstanding Presentation Award for Medical Education Scholarship Research and Education at this year’s Southern Group on Educational Affairs Regional Conference in Miami, Florida. The presentation, a small group discussion titled “Scholarly Collaboration at a Distance: The Potentials and Challenges of Web-based Solutions for Establishing Peer-to-Peer Networking and Communities of Practice,” revolved around identifying and analyzing platforms that medical educators and researchers can use to collaborate remotely, e.g. Google Hangout and Zotero. Gaines and her collaborators used their research about web-based platforms for remote collaboration and lessons learned from the University of Central Florida’s Research Network Initiative to inform and provide examples for the small group discussion.