UpToDate: Palliative Care Resources

UpToDate is well known for its strength as a diagnostic tool, but summer 2014 saw the release of a unique new specialty to support palliative care. This interdisciplinary field concerns several facets of patient care during serious illness including quality of life, treatment of symptoms, pain management, end of life care, and dealing with stress. The palliative care specialty addresses these topics and many more. This versatile resource can be of use to providers in hospital, clinic, private practice, or hospice care settings. The specific needs of both pediatric and adult patients are addressed.

UpToDate in Palliative Care includes:

  • 90+ clinical topics — a list of topics for any specialty can be found through the “Contents”  link on the top toolbar
  • 40 patient education topics — print or email information to help patients make informed decisions
  • 45 new graphics — created specifically for palliative care topics
  • 100+ contributors — as with all UpToDate content, authors and editors are clearly identified in each topic

To access this resource, select UpToDate from the Greenblatt Library website Quick Links bar, and type “palliative care” into the main search box.


Use the left hand menu to access subtopics under Palliative Care and the right menu to view and quickly access articles within each subtopic. A selection of associated charts and graphics can be located under the Graphics subtopic.


Please note that UpToDate can only be accessed on the Health Sciences campus due to licensing restrictions.

Please contact your embedded librarian or the helpful staff at Greenblatt Library if you have any questions about this resource. Further assistance can be obtained during normal library hours at 706-721-3441 or via email at libref@gru.edu.

Please visit the “News and Events” blog on the Greenblatt Library homepage for updates on changes or additions to the collection and to read the monthly resource highlights throughout 2014