GRU-UGA Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition

by Renée Sharrock

The annual GRU-UGA Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition is currently on display at the Greenblatt Library until the end of May. This exhibition is an annual collaboration between the BFA program in scientific illustration at the University of Georgia, Athens (UGA) and the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at GRU. It was on display last month at the UGA Lamar Dodd School of Art as a juried exhibition.

The artwork of the UGA scientific illustration students details and clarifies the natural world. The GRU Medical Illustration students inform and enlighten us about the human body in health and disease through their detailed artwork.

On March 25, three GRU students were recognized during the awards ceremony of the UGA juried exhibition:

  • Josh Klein, Class of 2015, received the prestigious William J. Stenstrom Award of Excellence for “Neurovascular Anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joint.” The purpose of this illustration (see photo below) is to describe the complex anatomy surrounding the TMJ for residents in oral surgery. Josh also received an Award of Merit for “Heart Murmurs,” a creative depiction of innocent heart murmurs, which is achieved by splashes of colorful paint flowing through the heart that represent the presence of expressive sounds.
  • Santiago Junca, Class of 2016, received an Award of Merit for “The Tongue, Origins and Insertions.” The purpose of this didactic illustration is to depict the complex muscular system of the tongue for a medical student audience.
  • Peter Lawrence, Class of 2016, received an Award of Merit for “Coronary Circulation: Arterial Supply of the Heart.” The purpose of this suite of illustrations is to explain to undergraduate health science students where coronary arteries and their primary branches are along with the areas of the heart they serve.


The exhibition is free and open to the public and is on display on both floors of the Greenblatt Library. For more information about the exhibition, please contact Renee Sharrock at 706-721-3444 or

For more information about medical illustration, please contact Bill Andrews at 706-721-3266 or