Trip: Turning Research Into Practice

Greenblatt Library has added an exciting new tool to quickly find clinical evidence Trip Logoresources. Trip (Turning Research Into Practice) searches across multiple resources to gather systematic reviews, evidence synopses, clinical trials, key primary research, and practice guidelines.

Search results are refined by evidence type or clinical areas.  The advanced search option allows date limitations, exact phrase searching and exclusion criteria.  The evidence level pyramid is displayed by each record. Trip also includes medical images and video content.

Users can choose the PICO search option to filter results for specific clinical care components.

Trip Screenshot

Search Trip online from any smart phone, tablet, or web browser and link to Augusta University provided full-text resources. Registered users can create automatic search updates and save records.

Access Trip from the Greenblatt Library Database Page

Trip Database is licensed with the support of the Medical College of Georgia W. J. Young Library Fund.

For assistance please contact:

  • Gail Kouame, Chair, Research and Education Services,
  • Lindsay Blake, Clinical Information Librarian
  • Kathy Davies, Associate Director for Research,