Greenblatt Library Renovation

Nicolas Raymond, Image Source, (CC BY 2.0)

The Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library is anticipating undergoing a renovation project in 2017. Plans for this renovation began last fall in 2016 and included a high density storage space for journals, updated bathrooms, and improved study spaces for students. In addition, current plans include new carpet in public areas on both floors, including study rooms, a new entrance to the Greenblatt Library from the Laney Walker side, increased visibility for the Greenblatt Room and the relocation of the Robert B. Greenblatt statue to the area near the Greenblatt Room, and a more open visibility for the floor plan with new shelving arrangements, high ceilings, and new lighting fixtures.

The renovation plans are undergoing final updates and changes with an estimated two month timelines from approval of the final designs to the beginning of construction. The Greenblatt Library team collaborating with these renovation plans is taking into considering the effect construction and planning will have on student schedule and study needs. We will work hard to continue providing a quiet and reliable study space for students with persistent access to library resources.