Journal Stacks Moved: More Study Space!

If you haven’t been to the second floor of Greenblatt Library in a few weeks, you may be pleasantly surprised to find more study space. That’s right! Greenblatt faculty and staff spent several days shifting journals to remove shelving to add more space for you, the students. Take advantage of the open space and natural lighting!

View of newly opened up seating on 2nd floor.


Additionally, pathways were cleared to enable easier access to Historical Collections and Archives and to Research and Education Services, which is home to our librarians. From the stairwell and elevator, Historical Collections and Archives is located on the right and easily visible from the center walkway. Research and Education Services is located on the left, also visible from the center walkway. An additional entrance for Research and Education Services is located in the rear of the second floor across from the large windows.

View of Historical Collections and Archives from center walkway.


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