Greenblatt Library Construction: Here, There, Where?

Construction is moving along steadily in the Greenblatt Library. New restrooms are open in the Lobby and on the second floor. Cool gray and white with green and blue accents have transformed the 1970’s pink and blue relics into modern spaces. Additional improvements will be made after the reopening of the restrooms currently under renovation, including the installation of shelves and hooks for bags and coats.

A new Information Desk, library offices, compact storage, and the Creative Technology Lab is on target to open at the beginning of April. The Access Services department will be moving from the temporary desk to the new Library Information Desk while also moving into new office space. Circulation and library services are expected to continue as usual. The move may take up to a week but the new spaces will be operational after Spring Break.

First Floor Layout

Upcoming construction in the library will include the demolition of the AB 108 Classroom, and journal and book moving. The AB 108 construction will require new temporary walls to be established on the first floor near the books and garden section of the library. We are aiming to make these as un-disruptive as possible but will need to account for the demolition of walls. Some noise in the garden area and computer lab is expected to continue through April. Finals Frenzy week will cease construction noises to account for students’ need to focus. If you have concerns about noise or need to know where you can find a quiet corner, feel free to talk with the Information Desk staff or leave a comment in the suggestion box. These will be brought to the renovation team for resolution.

Journals from the pre-1980 collection on the second floor of the library will be relocated to the compact storage. This shift is expected to begin in April. Please speak to the Information Desk if you cannot find a journal. The books on the first floor will be moved upstairs in preparation to accept the science and math collection from Reese when the College of Science and Mathematics moves its building to the Health Sciences campus.

Finally, a new space has been identified for the Student Lounge. This space will be renovated as a part of the construction project. Currently, a microwave and some dedicated desk and seating are available in room 163 near the stairs at the back of the first floor. Have an idea for the student lounge? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment card or email the Access Services Librarian, Natalie Logue, at

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