Point of Care Tool: Trial Access to BMJ Best Practice

The Greenblatt Library now has a trial for the point of care tool, BMJ Best Practice.  This trial will only be available until February 28, 2021. A subscription to this resource will be based on interest, cost, and usability. 

BMJ Best Practice has been in North America for 13 years. It is an authored and peer-reviewed point of care tool with health care topics specific to North America. This resource is updated daily with topics reviewed at least once a year or when there is a change in the evidence-based data.

Each topic follows the clinical workflow for patient consults: overview, theory, diagnosis, management, follow-up, and resources.
BMJ Best Practice provides access to the latest, quality-assessed evidence to inform clinical decision making. Using tools such as evidence tables (grades the level of evidence), EBM Toolkit (fundamentals to learn, practice, and discuss EBM) and Cochrane Clinical Answers (decision making at the bedside).

Best Practice includes:
• Differential diagnosis tables and treatment algorithms
• Videos of the most common clinical procedures
• More than 500 integrated medical calculators embedded within content
• Patient discussions and nearly 400 patient leaflets
• Partnership with Cochrane Clinical Answers to provide the latest evident
• Link outs to reference
• Personal account for access on mobile devises

Your feedback helps inform future library subscriptions and purchases. Please let the library know what you think of this BMJ Best Practice resource.