Learn All About It: Early English Books Online

Early English Books Online (EEBO): This e-book collection, which Reese Library has subscribed to for several years,  contains full-text images of almost every book, pamphlet, and broadside published in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British North America between 1473-1700, as well as works published in English throughout the rest of the world. Publications include literary works; government and military documents; sermons, Bibles, and religious texts; ballads and carols; medical and scientific books; religious and political pamphlets; and some periodicals and newspapers.

Several ASU faculty members incorporate the primary sources available in EEBO into course assignments. For ideas on how you could use EEBO, contact LouAnn Blocker, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian, at lblocke1@aug.edu or 706-667-4907.