What’s New in Special Collections?

A Haven during “Finals Frenzy”

Special Collections at Reese Library

Chances are that you are aware of the private study rooms on the second and third floor of Reese Library. You might also be aware of just how quickly the reservation book fills up! Finding a quiet place to study is harder during finals than at any other time of year. Although Reese Library provides longer Finals Frenzy hours, stress-relieving activities, and tons of staff and librarians on hand to help make finals easier, sometimes there just isn’t enough library to go around.

While you are wandering around the stacks looking for that elusive, quiet corner to study in, don’t forget to check out the Special Collections department on the third floor. We can comfortably accommodate up to a dozen people, we have a computer for student use, and there is at least one staff member or librarian on hand whenever we are open who can answer questions and, in a finals-induced emotional crisis, lend a friendly ear.

The Special Collection department can be located on the third floor of the library on the grove side of the building. Take a right out of the elevator or a left from the third floor computer stations to find us. We are open Monday-Friday from 9am until 4:30pm. You can also reach us via email at spcoll@aug.edu or by phone at 706-667-4904. See you there!