“An Exhibition of Drawings” in the Reese Library Second Floor Gallery

Dana Legman Show CardReese Library’s Second Floor Gallery is proud to present GRU senior Dana Lehman’s art show, “An Exhibition of Drawings.”

“An Exhibition of Drawings” is a collection of figure drawings by Lehman. Lehman’s works depict figures that she “likes to transform…into characters who have their own stories.”  Throughout the exhibition, Lehman “experiments with different kinds of mark-making in [her] works, thereby creating [her] own style through [her] pictorial approach to storytelling.”

Through her work, Lehman “want[s] to create different worlds that make others curious and want to explore them.” She is “greatly influenced by film animation, comic strips, and illustrations in general.”

Reese Library invites you to come see “An Exhibition of Drawings” during regular library hours during the month of May.