Managing Your NIH Compliance Status with My Bibliography

The “My Bibliography” is found under your My NCBI account. Linking this account to your eRA Commons account can serve as a handy tool for managing the compliance status of your NIH grant funded publications.

Linking your eRA Commons account to your My NCBI account:

  • Sign into your My NCBI account from PubMed
  • Click the username that displays at the top right of the page to access your account settings
  • Under “Linked Account” search for eRA Commons in the “search for account name field”
  • Choose the appropriate account type from the results and enter your credentials for your eRA Commons account when prompted
  • Verify that the linking is complete by checking your My NCBI account page and looking for the eRA logo under your My NCBI – My Bibliography


Managing your NIH Compliance with My Bibliography

Principal Investigators are able to monitor whether publications associated with their grants are in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. You may first need to add citations to your My Bibliography. You can do this in PubMed.

To add citations to your My Bibliography from PubMed:

  • Make sure you are signed into My NCBI
  • Run an author search in PubMed
  • Select the citations that you want to add
  • Click “Send to” at the top right of the search results
  • Select “My Bibliography” as the destination
  • Click “Add to My Bibliography”


Monitoring NIH Public Access Policy Compliance under My Bibliography:

  • Log into your My NCBI account
  • Select “My Bibliography”
  • Select “Manage My Bibliography”
  • From the “Display Settings” drop-down menu, select “Award” view

Each citation will be marked with a visual clue indicating the compliance status. A green arrow indicates that the manuscript is in compliance.


A solid yellow circle indicates that the manuscript has been submitted and is in progress. The submitting author may need to take action at this point, such as approving the Web version of the manuscript.


A red circle with an exclamation point indicates a manuscript that is currently non-compliant.


Further information about NIH compliance and managing your My NCBI account can be found under the Greenblatt Library Research Guide: NIH Public Access Policy: What You Need to Know or by contacting the library directly at 706-721-3441 or