LibQUAL+® and Reese Library Improvements

Let your voice be heardQuestion and answer! This fall, University Libraries will provide an opportunity for you to tell us what we do well and where we need to improve. LibQUAL+® is a survey system designed to learn more about your interaction with the libraries and what you would like to change. Look out for opportunities to win prizes and help us serve you better.

This survey does lead to changes at the Libraries. In previous LibQUAL+® surveys, students noted that the air conditioning and lighting were two pressing problems with the Reese Library environment. As a result, funding has been provided by the state to replace the heating and air conditioning system from the top down. A new air handler will be built on the roof; a new generator will be placed behind the library; new duct work will be installed; and a new control system will be put in. The controls will allow better zone climate control within the library and allow the university to automatically change temperatures to save money during times the library is closed.

Lighting will also be improved for the building. LED lights will be installed throughout Reese Library, increasing light levels and eliminating the need for spot lamps. An extra benefit of the new technology will be a reduction in the electricity needed to run the library, which should enable us to provide more recharging locations for your mobile devices.

The project likely will begin by mid-year in 2015. The process for making sure you still have access to library materials and services is under development, and we will let you know in advance what to expect.