Georgia Archives Month: Archives Big And Small: Showcasing Our Gems!

Written by: Barb Mann

Georgia Archives Month is a way to celebrate the value of Georgia’s historical records, publicize the many ways historical records enrich our lives, and recognize those who maintain our communities’ historical records.

The 2016 Georgia Archives Month theme Archives Big and Small: Showcasing Our Gems! inspired Reese Library’s Special Collections presentation of No Small Voices, The Fulcher Collection and Its Place in the History of Education. A by-product of Dr. Eugenia Fulcher’s PhD dissertation, Dreams Do Come True: How Rural One-and-Two Room Schools Influenced the Lives of African-Americans in Burke County Georgia, the Fulcher Collection of oral histories documents the experience of rural schools from the perspectives of former teachers and students.

On October 17th, 2016, at 7pm in the JSAC Coffeehouse Dr. Paulette Harris, Cree-Walker Professor of Education and Director of the Augusta University Literacy Center, and Dr. Charles Jackson, Professor of Education, Advanced Studies and Innovation, will discuss the University Libraries’ Fulcher Collection and its importance for the African-American history of education in Georgia.  We will also be playing portions of the interviews from the Fulcher collection.