From Historical Collections and Archives (HCA):

A little-known publication housed in Historical Collections and Archives is the Bulletin of the University Hospital which was written and produced by the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia. A little history lesson to explain why the MCG faculty produced a publication titled Bulletin of the University Hospital.

The Medical College of Georgia first began in Augusta’s City Hospital. The hospital was financially operated by the city government while the faculty of MCG provided medical and surgical care, and therefore it was the teaching hospital for the students of the school.

In 1873 MCG began a loose affiliation with the University of Georgia and added the name UGA Department of Medicine. The MCG Board of Trustees retained control of the school, and in most publications, such as the annual announcement or catalog, MCG was still in the title. The school moved from Telfair Street to its present campus in 1913, and the City of Augusta constructed a larger and more modern hospital on the campus. Since the school was officially the University of Georgia’s Department of Medicine, the new hospital was named “University Hospital” and its financial operation continued to be controlled by the City of Augusta. (In 1932, the school was named the UGA School of Medicine, and Medical College of Georgia was not used again until 1950.) From 1915 to 1956, University Hospital was the teaching hospital for the school.

The Bulletin of the University Hospital began in 1939 and continued until 1948. It featured research articles and medical case studies written by the MCG faculty and included a few meeting presentations. The Bulletin was the first publication collection that was digitized for the inclusion in Scholarly Commons, the Augusta University institutional repository. For more information about the Bulletin, here is the finding aid. To view and/or download digitized copies of the Bulletin, here is the link to the collection in Scholarly Commons.

-Renée A. Sharrock, Curator

From the Special Collections & Institutional Archives:

This month, I’m highlighting the November 16, 1962 issue of the Bell Ringer, Augusta University’s student newspaper. As we are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to see what, if any, festivities the campus hosted in 1962, especially since this year marks the first campus friendsgiving!

In November of 1962, Augusta College hosted a Thanksgiving dance to replace their previously canceled Halloween dance (canceled due to a run-off election, apparently). This issue also features an editorial, “A Thought For Thanksgiving.”

While the Bell Ringer goes all out for their Christmas issue, it seems Thanksgiving coverage in the student newspaper was a bit more low key.

-Kara Flynn, Special Collections Librarian


About the Heritage Unit: The University Libraries has a department devoted to the preservation and archival keeping of the campus’ unique histories. The Historical Collections & Archives (HCA) is located on the 2nd floor of the Greenblatt Library on the Health Sciences campus. Special Collections & Institutional Archives is located on the 3rd floor of the Reese Library on the Summerville campus.

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