From Historical Collections & Archives:

One of the smallest publication collections housed in the Historical Collections and Archives is The Medical Collegian. There are only six issues in the record group RG19.16: Medical Collegian and very little is known about this publication.

The first issue was published in October 1915. The last issue in our collection is volume 1, number 8, May 1916. Our collection is missing issues two and five of the first, and perhaps only, volume. It is not known if any more issues were published after May 1916, but it may be safe to say that the publication ceased to exist.

The Medical Collegian was started and edited by a student named Mosco F. Nunez. According to the 1916-1917 MCG course catalog, Nunez was a third-year medical student during the 1915-1916 session. Nunez did not graduate from the Medical College of Georgia, which was known then as the Medical Department of the University of Georgia. He did obtain a medical degree, but from where, it has not been determined. An initial search found that Nunez died in 1967 and is buried in Swainsboro, Georgia.


The Medical Collegian appears to have been a self-sustaining publication not supported by the institution but by subscription and print ads for local businesses in each issue. Faculty members contributed scholarly articles while news about the students and alumni was included.

All six issues of The Medical Collegian have been digitized and available to view and/or download from Scholarly Commons, the Augusta University’s institutional repository. To view the digital surrogates of The Medical Collegian housed in Scholarly Commons, click here.

-Renée Sharrock, Curator

From Special Collections & Institutional Archives:

To coincide with the recently published research guide on the history of business in Augusta, this month’s resource is “Building Augusta and the central Savannah River area,” one of several books published by the Augusta Chamber of Commerce available in Special Collections & Institutional Archives at Reese Library.

Published in 1951, the publication is a useful resource when studying the rise and fall of Augusta commerce. In conjunction with other statistics published by the Augusta Chamber of Commerce over the years, from 1911 through 1999, “Building Augusta and the central Savannah River area” tells the story of twentieth century economics from an Augustan perspective.

Here in Special Collections & Institutional Archives, we house many collections related to Augusta businesses, from mills and factories to banks and grocery stores, which are referenced and linked in the newly available research guide “The History of Business in Augusta.”

– Maranda Christy, Special Collections Assistant

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