Libraries Receive CARES Grant

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In April of this year, Augusta University Libraries were awarded $15,000 in CARES Grant Funding from the Georgia Humanities Council. Between the period of June 1 and October 31, 2020, the libraries purchased 115 ebooks and 45 print titles in a variety of subject areas. These books were selected in support of the mission of the University Libraries, which is to provide “comprehensive resources…. in support of the education, research and scholarship, clinical care, and outreach and economic development strategic focus for our Research University and academic medical center.”

Art Rebels Book Cover

Some of the books the libraries added to their collections include e-book versions of Emily Dickinson’s poetry, the Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions, The Encyclopedia of Black Comics, Daisy Miller, an electronic version of Underground Railroad, and books by such authors as Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf. A collection of ebooks from Richard K. Miller & Associates was also purchased for use by the students and faculty from the Hull College of Business. Others titles support the Art, Communication, Music, and Chemistry departments, as well as the College of Education.

Dental Materials Book Cover

The libraries also added some ebooks that support the programs on the Health Sciences Campus, including some dentistry titles. The libraries’ online book collection for dentistry is very small. With grant monies, the libraries purchased three distinguished books in the field that focus on major aspects of oral medicine, from the basic science to clinical practice. Students were able to use these ebooks to supplement missing clinical experience during campus closure.