Discover GRU Libraries and more at the GRU EXPO

Blog picTomorrow GRU Libraries will welcome faculty and staff to the inaugural GRU EXPO at the Christenberry Field House!

The EXPO will be filled with tables of exhibits and information staffed by units from across the university and health system. Break-out sessions and live demonstrations on everything from D2L (the new learning management system) to PAWS (the intranet) to TimeNet (the new employee time & attendance system) will also be available.

Join the GRU Libraries and see “who does what” while also celebrating the start of a new academic year! The Greenblatt and Reese Libraries will join forces to bring you seven breakout sessions-

3:00-3:30 Discover GRU Libraries presented by Fay Verburg and Kathy Davies

3:30-4:00 Scholarly Commons presented by Sandra Bandy and Natalie Logue

4:00-4:30 SciVal Profiles presented by Tom Cutshall, Fay Verburg, Sandra bandy, and Lindsay Blake

4:30-5:00 Discover GRU Libraries presented by Camilla Baker and Lindsay Blake

5:30-6:00 NIH Compliance presented by Sandra Bandy, Peter Shipman, and Kathy Davies

6:30-7:00 ORCID presented by Kim Mears

6:30-7:00 SciVal Profiles presented by Sandra Bandy, Tom Cutshall, Fay Verburg, and Carol Waggoner-Angleton

Library staff will also be on hand at the GRU Libraries EXPO table to answer questions about all Library resources and services.

We hope to see you there!