Reese Library Second Floor Gallery Features Anita Cunningham, Local Artist.

A_C_2013Currently, Reese Library’s second floor gallery features the works of local artist Anita Cunningham. Her paintings and drawings depict a variety of subjects, including human figures, animals, landscapes, and still lifes, mainly in color.

Ms. Cunningham is a member of the Artist Guild of Columbia County. In her artist’s statement, Ms. Cunningham explains that “my personal style is usually referred to as Realism because of my profound use of detail whether the medium be watercolor, acrylic or colored pencils. I focus special attention on lighting and composition in an effort to help direct attention around the painting. My goal is to tell a visual story in an attempt to evoke a positive emotion, trigger a memory or otherwise create a pleasant experience for anyone viewing my art.”

Anita Cunningham’s works will be on display on the second floor of Reese Library through November 25, 2013.