Essential Science Indicators (ESI) Now Available

Essential Science Indicators is a unique compilation of performance statistics and trends extrapolated from counts of articles published in scholarly journals and the citations to those articles. ESI provides data on citation and research trends through a variety of measurements:

  • Top Papers is the sum of hot papers and highly cited papers. More specifically, it is the number of papers in the top 1% of papers for the past ten years, plus the number of papers in the past two years that received a very high number of citations in the current two-month period. This total discounts duplicates, so that a paper that is both hot and highly cited is counted only once.
  • Citation Trends Report helps tracks your research performance over time in both normalized and raw data calculations.
  • Highly Cited Papers is the minimum number of citations received by the top 1% of papers in a research field published in a specified year.

Quick facts about ESI:

  • Article counts for ESI are derived from almost 12,000 journals indexed in Web of Science over a 10 year period
  • Each journal is assigned a category from ESI’s 22 research fields
  • Data is updated bimonthly (six times a year)

To access this resource directly visit the database list at

This resource is limited to the Health Sciences Campus users only. Summerville campus users are welcome to visit Greenblatt Library to gain access.

For a quick tour of ESI view the video below: