GLASS (Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services)

Written by: Aspasia Luster, Senior Library Assistant for Access Services, Reese Library

On October 11th, Reese Library had the pleasure of hosting Jayne Andrews and Rachel Kee from GLASS (Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services) and the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System. GLASS “supports accessible library services in Georgia by promoting the use of assistive technology and by providing accessible reading materials to those who, due to a disability, are unable to read standard print” (Source: Eligible citizens of all ages receive an easy-to-use audiobook player with headphones, plus access to thousands of e-books that can be listened to on computers, tablets, and cell phones. To learn more about the Talking Books Program and eligibility requirements, please call the Talking Books Center at 706-821-2625.