The Cats Are In! Appel’s cat prints come to the Greenblatt Library

By Adrienne Hayes

Pic1Cats and libraries have gone together since well, forever. How wonderful it was for Augusta University to receive sixteen Karel Appel prints from his Cats portfolio! The donation came from Dr. and Mrs. O’Quinn in honor of Professor Emeritus, Nathan Bindler, who taught in the Art Department.

Stay tuned for information on a forthcoming event to celebrate this collection acquisition!

Pic2.pngKarel Appel, 1921 – 2006, was a Dutch painter, whose works still grace gallery walls around the world, including twelve museums in the United States.

The Cats portfolio is from 1978 and includes seventeen cats. Sixteen of the cats now hang on the first floor walls of Greenblatt Library.

The cats in the series are titled as follows:


Resting Cat (not in Greenblatt collection); Walking Cat; Cat in the Night; Sad Cat; Smiling Cat; Green Cat; Pink Cat; Luminous Cat; Stalking Cat; Devil Cat; House Cat; Frightened Cat; Fighting Cat; Blue Cat; About a Cat; Innocent Cat; and Sunshine Cat.