From the Historical Collections & Archives (HCA):

If you were an employee or student on the Augusta University Health Sciences Campus from 1980 to 2011, you most likely read the Beeper at least once during your time here. The Beeper was the official campus newspaper on the Health Sciences Campus and was produced by the Division of Institutional Relations, which now called the Division of Communications and Marketing.

The first issue of the Beeper was published 39 years ago on November 12, 1980. The newspaper was published bi-weekly and distributed to employees via the campus mail. There were also newspaper boxes in most buildings on campus, including the medical center. The primary focus of the Beeper was to keep the employees and students informed about events and news happening on the Health Sciences Campus.


To date, the Beeper was the longest-running publication produced by the Division of Communications and Marketing. 855 print issues were digitized by the Greenblatt Library and are available in Scholarly Commons, the institutional repository for Augusta University. The collection is searchable by name, subject, and date. To view the digital surrogates of the Beeper, click here. Print copies are still kept in Historical Collections and Archives and here is a link to the collection’s finding aid.

 -Renée Sharrock, Curator

From the Special Collections & Institutional Archives:

Augusta University’s Phoenix magazine is a student-run publication of the Office of Student Life & Engagement and the Department of Communication. Every issue features stories written by communications students.

The first issue of the magazine (Spring 1994) was a publication of Augusta College’s Student Activities Committee and the Department of Languages and Literature. The stories in that first issue range from an opinion piece on the current state of network television to an article about where to get the best chocolate in the CSRA.

If students, faculty, or community users are interested in older issues of the Phoenix, they’re welcome to come look at the selection (1994-2019) available here in Special Collections.

-Maranda Christy, Special Collections Assistant

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