Library Advisory Committee

listen, understand, actListen, Understand, Act by Steven Shorrock | CC by 2.0

by Barb Mann

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) serves as an advisory group to the University Libraries with membership consisting of faculty/staff representatives from each of the Colleges/Cancer Center/Libraries as well student representatives from both the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Government Associations. The LAC provides feedback and generates ideas regarding the Libraries’ resources, services, and other projects relevant to the education, research, and clinical missions of the University.   Chaired by Assistant Professor Beverly Collins (College of Nursing) during the 2014/2105 academic year, the LAC contributed useful feedback on such topics as the Libraries’ databases, which support research and curricular needs; the Libraries’ Research Services handout for faculty; the Reese Library extended hours pilot; the LibQUAL+® survey of library quality; scholarly communication initiatives; and various faculty librarian searches.

The University Libraries is most appreciative of the service each of the representatives provided during the past academic year:

Jennifer Armstrong (College of Education)
Sandra Bandy (University Libraries: Greenblatt Library)
Beverly Collins (College of Nursing)
Kathy Davies (University Libraries: Greenblatt Library)
Hannes Devos (College of Allied Health)
Rebeccah Feldhaus (Undergraduate Student Government Association Representative)
Barb Mann (University Libraries: Reese Library)
James Nelson (Graduate Student Government Association Representative)
Jaebum Lee (College of Dental Medicine)
Marsha Loda (Hull College of Business)
Lisa Middleton (Cancer Center)
William Pearson (Medical College of Georgia)
Jeffrey Porterfield (Undergraduate Student Government Association Representative)
Emily Prince (College of Science and Mathematics)
Brenda Seago (University Libraries: Greenblatt Library and Director of Libraries)
Clay Shotwell (Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)
Fay Verburg (University Libraries: Reese Library)