Pardon Our Progress: Reese Library Renovation Update

by Barb Mann

Reese Library is currently having its HVAC system renovated with funds provided from the Board of Regents. The current system was installed when the Library was built in 1976. A heat exchanger, which pumps 190 degree water through building pipes, will ensure uniform heat. As part of this project, Reese Library will also have lighting and ceiling tiles replaced.

The heat exchanger has been placed, with the major work now centering on connecting the pipes and ducts located throughout the building. The work will be staged in phases, which has already begun on the third floor. Soundproofing walls will be built around the construction areas and a buck hoist will be installed to move workers, materials, and construction debris in and out of the building.

Access to the general collection will be a priority throughout the project. Shifting and moving books is underway in preparation for the temporary locations on the floor. Signs have been posted on the third floor to show new locations. Staff at the Information Desk are always available to assist anyone who cannot find a book. Several such shifts will occur as the work moves from one area to another on this floor. Signage will be continually updated to reflect the current locations of the various call number areas. When the project moves to the second and first floors, similar shifting of resources and work spaces will occur.

As a part of this renovation, Reese Library is exploring additional ways to reconfigure library space, including opening up areas around the windows to provide more natural lighting. While the project will take another 12-18 months to complete, the temperature control and lighting will provide Reese Library users with a more pleasant environment. During the construction, the Library will work to ensure minimal disruption to Reese Library users.