Augusta University Librarian Accepted to Minnesota Institute

Tonya Dority, the Cataloging and Metadata Librarian from Augusta University Libraries, was selected to participate in this year’s Minnesota Institute. Having previously worked in a staff position at Reese Library, Ms. Dority began her faculty librarian position in September 2021. Since then, she has made great strides in helping to cultivate a more inclusive culture and demonstrated her leadership potential.  Ms. Dority’s research interests include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in cataloging, cataloging ethics, and librarian education. She plans to improve the Augusta University Libraries’ local catalog by implementing changes in cataloging practice that address outdated subject headings and offensive terminology, and adding more inclusive language.

Tonya Dority, MS

Begun in 1998 at the University of Minnesota Libraries, the Minnesota Institute is a biennial institute that “focuses on the development of library leaders from diverse backgrounds.”  Participation in the institute Is highly competitive, and limited to only 30 participants each session. Applicants must have no more than five years’ experience in their professional careers and represent a traditionally underrepresented group.  The goal of the institute is to “cultivate a cohort that is actively engaged in dismantling historically embedded systems of oppression and marginalization that are endemic in academia.” 

Many noted professionals in the field have graduated from this Institute, including former presidents of the American Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries. This is the first time a librarian from Augusta University has been selected to participate.